Total Masonry In Schools

Total Masonry Construction can help you reach your goals of building beautiful, safe, secure, and economically-sound learning environments for our children and safe havens for our community. Masonry Construction is a real brick-and-mortar commitment to a solidly built community core. One that will serve us just as well 100 years from now in the day-to-day task of educating our children as it will protecting our families during the chaos of a natural disaster. You and your neighbors in the Houston area depend upon public education facilities, whether they have children enrolled or not. You vote there, evacuate there, cheer on the home team and attend top-notch theatrical productions there, and you send your tax dollars annually. Like any investor, you expect a good return on their money. Our schools prepare our children to be tomorrowʼs leaders. That is, no doubt, at the heart of our mission. Our schools say much about our community – AND about those who run it.

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Golden Trowel Awards

Golden Trowel Awards

The Associated Masonry Contractors of Houston, in association with the Texas Masonry Council, wish to recognize and encourage excellence in all phases of masonry construction. The Golden Trowel Award is to be awarded annually to an Architect, a General Contractor or Owner, and a Masonry Contractor demonstrating excellence in their respective contributions to a masonry project deemed worthy by a distinguished panel of judges.

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